1.4mil OPP Supreme Velvet/Matte Printable Therm Lam - 12.875" x 10,000' 3"ID

A 1.4mil Velvet/Matte Polypropylene based over-laminating film with a high performance, thermally activated adhesive and matte finish. The polyester is compliant for direct food contact.
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S-OneLP Supreme Velvet/Matte Polypropylene is a matte over-laminating film with a high performance scuff resistant surface combined with a very soft feel that protects and enhances the look of books, packages and other printed materials. The product line was developed specifically for flexible packaging applications where a thermally applied surface lamination is preferred, such as digital flexible packaging applications. It is available in a high clarity gloss finish, as well as matte finish.
Products specifications
Regional AvailabilityAmericas
Product CategoryLaminate Film
Gauge1.4 mil
Finishing MethodsThermal Lamination