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S-OneLP Is Now in Canada
S-OneLP Is Now in Canada


S-One Labels & Packaging is excited to announce that it has expanded operations into Canada. Effective immediately, all orders that were processed through LexJet will now be handled by S-OneLP, which will have inventory and shipping out of Ontario.


In addition to the DigiPrime and DigiGuard products from Michelman and the Levia products from Utopia Digital Technologies that were offered through LexJet, S-OneLP is bringing to Canada a full line of films and custom over-print varnishes for label and flexible packaging print service providers.


These essential products paired with unparalleled service, technical know-how, and integrated solutions are provided by the S-OneLP team along with some of the best brands in the industry, such as Toray America, Protect-all, and Kustom Koatings.


Demand for Organics Creates Opportunity

“We’ve been fortunate to have a number of loyal customers in Canada over the years,” says Ralph Giammarco, vice president of S-OneLP. “We’re definitely excited to bring greater depth of service and breadth of product solutions to our Canadian customers.


“In addition, the high growth in demand for organic products in Canada reflects an opportunity to collaborate with them to use our films and primers to expand their capabilities into the flexible packaging and durable label markets.”


Other technologies, such as advanced security and authentication products, will also be available to S-OneLP’s Canadian customers.


With S-OneLP and VerifyMe, printers can offer brands new ways to protect their products with RainbowSecure security inks.