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Where in the World Is S-OneLP?
Where in the World Is S-OneLP?


June was a busy month for the S-One Labels & Packaging team as the digital flexible packaging printing industry continues to expand! We hit some important events to continue the conversations with our peers, partners and customers.

Global Pouch, Chicago

For the first time, we exhibited at Global Pouch to share our growing portfolio of solutions for flexible packaging, including our line of pre-laminated films that have the HP Pack Ready thumbs-up, as well as mono-web films, all of which are backed up with our technical expertise. We gave a sneak peek at what we’ve got in store for our Sustainable ByDesign™ product lines of recyclable and compostable solutions, which was, by far, the hottest topic, especially in terms of qualifying films.


Ralph Giammarco and Roymal’s Ginger Cushing talk flexible packaging at Global Pouch in Chicago.

“One major brand was looking for compostable films for bar-shaped snacks, yet they would only purchase compostable packaging if the packaging films were ASTM approved and BPI certified,” says S-OneLP Product Marketing Manager Dan Halkyard. “If they are going to claim their package is compostable, they want paperwork to back it up.”


And that was just the beginning of the sustainable conversation …

“There were a lot of questions, especially in the sustainable realm,” says S-OneLP VP Ralph Giammarco. “What is meant by sustainable? What tests are relevant?  Which materials can be combined?  What do the new materials cost and how do we reduce it? Who can I collaborate with?  To find the answers, converters need someone with a 360-degree view, up-to-date technical knowledge, and a desire to help make them successful … that is S-OneLP.”


Another hot topic was cannabis packaging, especially the fact that different states have different requirements for packaging messages, which is an ideal play for digital printing and shorter runs! Add the need for product verification, and you’ve got a double win for digital and track-and-trace capabilities, such as VerifyMe’s RainbowSecure inks and VeriPas program, created for HP Indigo printers.

For S-OneLP, Global Pouch was a success. “The show had great traffic and it was a great exhibiting and networking event,” Giammarco says. “It was only a few hours out of the conference, but it was power-packed!”


Dscoop Edge, PortAdventura, Spain

The week following Global Pouch, our team descended upon our third Dscoop event of 2019, this time in Spain. We love the Dscoop community, which is always up for a fun time and inspiring ideas.


“The Dscoop platform is known for gaining inspiration and new ideas, learning and understanding new digital products and application solutions and eagerly looking to push the envelope further,” says Gerard Geurts, who heads up S-OneLP EMEA new business development. “Dscoop Edge came to PortAventura this year, which is known for its amusement park and a

mazing roller coaster attractions for all ages … including the elderly among us.”


At the event, the S-OneLP team joined our Michelman partners in their booth as a joint partnership with Michelman and Brigal (an HP Indigo distributor for Spain/Portugal).


An exciting development was S-OneLP’s EMEA team bringing flexible packaging solutions to the market, including S-OneLP being the first EMEA supplier with HP Indigo-validated Pack Ready thermal lamination films for Indigo flex-pack customers, Geurts explained.

“S-OneLP’s unique proposition offering low MOQ and short lead times of newly released Pack Ready film is exciting news and an open door for customers seeking new HP Indigo thermal lamination solutions,” he says. “The news spread fast!”


So where are we going next? You can meet our European and American teams at Labelexpo in Brussels this September! See you soon!