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Michelman launches high performance OPV strengtheners
Michelman launches high performance OPV strengtheners
Michelman has launched new high-performance OPV strengtheners that is designed to enhance the mechanical, water, chemical, and thermal durability of digitally printed labels on HP Indigo label presses.
Dscoop Returns! Key takeaways from Edge Rockies
Dscoop Returns! Key takeaways from Edge Rockies
After 1,075 days between events, the S-OneLP team was thrilled to be back at Dscoop Edge Rockies.
Slight Changes for Michelman Offline Primers

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Starting April 1, 2022, there will be a change for Michelman offline primers.


Michelman announced a slight modification in the formulation for certain offline primers, and therefore a new naming convention was needed. In the chart below, you can see the new products have the number 7 in front of the SKU name (DP1000 is now DP71000, for example).


These products are nearly identical to the Michelman offline primers you have come to trust. They have been significantly tested in the Americas and EMEA regions and no issues have arisen. We don't anticipate any supply chain delays as a result of this change.


The chart below details the changes. The asterisks (*) represent those products currently in stock. Non-stocking SKUs are subject to longer lead times but are available for order.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at, or 941-256-7900 (AMS) or +31 43 799 5005 (EMEA).


Current Product NameNew Product RenameNew Product CodeBusiness
DP1000DigiPrime® 71000DP71000Digital Printing
DP2000DigiPrime® 72000DP72000Digital Printing
DP2000NBDigiPrime® 72010DP72010Digital Printing
DP2500DigiPrime® 72500DP72500Digital Printing
DP3000*DigiPrime® 73000DP73000Digital Printing
DP4430DigiPrime® 74430DP74430Digital Printing
DP4431*DigiPrime® 74431DP74431Digital Printing
DP4431MDigiPrime® 74432DP74432Digital Printing
DP4431NUDigiPrime® 74434DP74434Digital Printing
DP4450*DigiPrime® 74450DP74450Digital Printing
DP4453DigiPrime® 74453DP74453Digital Printing
DP4460DigiPrime® 74460DP74460Digital Printing
DP4462DigiPrime® 74462DP74462Digital Printing
DP4501DigiPrime® 74501DP74501Digital Printing
DP5000*DigiPrime® 75000DP75000Digital Printing
DP5000HVDigiPrime® 75010DP75010Digital Printing
DP5100DigiPrime® 75100DP75100Digital Printing