Create packages with confidence, not over engineering

S-One Labels & Packaging has launched a new low-barrier prelaminated film that’s more cost-effective and offers converters an alternative for creating high-end flexible packages. The 3.5 mil low-barrier prelaminated film from our Classic portfolio is available in 13-inch and 30-inch widths in both clear and white. This material is ideal for products that require only a low barrier, such as toys and other non-ingestible items, freezer foods that do not need to be thawed, some snack foods, and confections. We see this a lot: Converters often run high-barrier films for jobs that don’t require it. Quite simply, foils, metalized plastics, or EVOH barriers are not required on every job. By reducing the moisture and oxygen barrier, you can save costs on a film that performs just as well as its high-barrier counterpart. The bottom line: This film runs great, it seals great, and it will save you money. What’s better than that? This low-barrier prelaminated film is coming straight from research and development to commercialization, so supply is limited. Talk to one of our experts and learn how you can stop over-engineering and start saving money today! Contact our experts at or 941-256-7900 to get started.
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