Ideas, Innovation & Inspiration Bloom at Dscoop Edge Orlando

Dscoop Edge Orlando proved to be another week of bringing together the top creative and innovative minds in our industry. During the event, we were encouraged to think openly, meet new professionals and continue to envision the dynamic future for everyone who makes up and supports the HP Indigo market. [caption id="attachment_9955" align="alignright" width="150"] Carl Joachim of ePac presents at Karlville's pre-Dscoop open house.[/caption] The week started for us in Miami with a visit to Karlville to learn more about HP Pack Ready converting and finishing. We also encountered the growing excitement for HP Indigo in Latin American counties. We learned about the market drivers and the state of the flex-pack space thanks to a presentation by HP and Karlville partner, ePac. "The sharing of knowledge, like that from ePac CMO Carl Joachim, was truly invaluable," says Ralph Giammarco, S-OneLP VP, "You just don't see people in other industries sharing information like this. Plus, this open house showcased HP's strength in how they work with their partners, such as Toray, Charter NEX, Nobelus and S-OneLP, who were all represented." Once in Orlando, it was a whirlwind of activity and inspiration throughout the Solutions Showcase. In the S-OneLP booth, we had conversations on this year's hot topics: Sustainable solutions, brand protection and HP Pack Ready for Labels.

A Finish for Everyone

For flexible packaging pouches, we provided samples of white and metallic pre-laminated flower seed pouches, which were printed at CL&D Digital and finished with a gloss OPV from Michelman. We also had clear pre-lam film that was printed at ePac in Miami and made into stand-up bird seed pouches and finished with thermal lamination at Karlville. Finally, we had NatureFlex pouches with compostable layers of film from our partners at Futamura, which were finished with eBeam technology. (Plus we continued our launch of the CatPak eBeam Finishing System with Tim Burke from CDA.) We highlighted the durability of the HP Pack Ready for Labels solution, which included labels printed by Consolidated Labels, and finished with a mixture of Michelman DigiGuard 901 OPV Strengthener and KustomLP Gloss OPV. This combination provided super durable labels that were tested to stand up to water, chemicals and more. "What we heard at Dscoop is that people are looking for a solution for scratch resistance when printing to metallized BOPP," says Tom Hauenstein, S-OneLP global sales leader. "DigiGuard 901 with our KustomLP UV overprint varnish delivered rock solid results for scratch resistance as well as the best results we've seen for ink adhesion and chemical and water resistance, too. "We also learned that printers turn to digital to create durable labels so they don't have to produce short-run jobs on flexo. The HP Pack Ready for Labels option provides the easy, cost-effective answer."

Talking Security

[caption id="attachment_9953" align="alignleft" width="150"] S-OneLP's Nichole Danzig demonstrates VeriPas to the HP team.[/caption] We also demonstrated VerifyMe's newest VeriPAS authenticator device along with its track-and-trace software that allow brands to use both overt and covert codes, serial numbers or graphics to protect and authenticate their products anywhere in the world. This proved to be a hot topic throughout the conference. "We can't emphasize enough how important it is for our customers to be prepared to talk about product protection with their brand customers," Giammarco says. "I encourage them to check out HP Link, GlobalPas, VerifyMe and others who are providing truly viable options in the digital printing space. Every day we hear about how brands will need to validate and authenticate their products in the market. Label and flex-pack printers and converters are in the perfect position to deliver easy, cost-effective ways to do just that."

Sustainable ... by Design

With major CPGs committing to using all sustainable packaging by 2025, the supply chain in the digital printing space jumped into action to begin designing solutions that are eco-friendly. "It's not enough to simply say: This pouch contains compostable layers," Giammarco says. "We need to start with the application -- what's going in the pouch, what kind of finishing does it need, how will it be composted ... or recycled? Once these questions are answered, we can move forward to design a sustainable pouch for that particular application. Customizing both the pouch itself and what's printed on it are the two key aspects of driving this forward. Again -- the digital space is primed to tackle this and support brands of all sizes." It was another awesome week at Dscoop, and we look forward to seeing everyone in Orlando next year!
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