JetPrime® WB 1100 InkJet Prime - 5 gallons/40#

JetPrime® WB 1100 is formulated for water-based inkjet inks for coated offset substrates, this water-based primer offers low coat weight, superior print quality and enhanced color gamut compared to unprimed sheets.
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JetPrime® is a family of high-performance primers for inkjet designed to improve print quality and ink adhesion on both film and paper substrates, including
solutions for both pigmented water-based and UV inkjet printing applications. Our solutions for coated offset substrates are ideal for high-speed commercial printing with pigmented water-based inks, including folding cartons and corrugated packaging.

JetPrime® WB 1100 can be applied via rod, flexo or gravure coater.
Products specifications
Product CategoryCustom Primers & Coatings
Unit Size5 gal - 40#