KDX BOPP Matte Thermal film 330mm x 3000lm – 3”ID

26 micron polypropylene based over-laminating film with a high performance, thermally activated adhesive and matte finish.
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It is a BOPP matte-based thermal laminating film, that has one side laminated with thermal active polymer with very high hot-tack and seal strength. It has excellent machinability on high-speed machines and great optical properties.  It is food compliant and its thermal active polymer is specifically designed to improve the bond strength with digitally printed surfaces. Compared to ordinary BOPP thermal laminating film, the peel strength is greatly improved and has a better grasping ink effect.  The BOPP Matte thermal film is suitable for fin-seal applications. It is not intended for lap-sealing application purposes.
Technical Data Sheets
Products specifications
Regional AvailabilityEMEA
ColorMatte/Transparent, Clear
Product CategoryLaminate Film
Gauge26 micron
Finishing MethodsThermal Lamination