Now Available at S-OneLP: Sun Chemical Anilox Cleaner

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S-OneLP is excited to announce that it now provides two Sun Chemical solutions for cleaning anilox rollers to all U.S. customers. These cleaners help press operators save time and money with an easy two-step process that won’t stop production for days on end while waiting for anilox rollers to be shipped out for cleaning.

The newly available products are:

  • SunVisto™ Anilox Renew 65F – Water-Based Cleaner
  • SunClean™ V3-25 Cleaner – UV & Solvent Cleaner

SunVisto™ Anilox Renew is a cleaner for water-based flexographic ink that’s the ideal option for narrow web and HP Indigo presses. The highly concentrated cleaner is sold with melamine sponges for optimal results.

This unique foaming cleaner is designed to deep clean anilox rollers and bring them back to “like-new” condition. Anilox Renew 65F is HAP’s free and Proposition 65 clear

Key Product Features:

  • Compatible with all water-based inks and plates
  • Non-corrosive to metal**
  • Improves print quality
  • Environmentally friendly

**Based on laboratory testing as various dilutions using aluminum foil

SunClean V3-25 Ink Cleaner is designed to remove solvent-based and UV inks from anilox rollers and presses. It’s a simple, quick and safe way to clean and re-establish the cell volumes back into anilox rollers.

With simple weekly cleanings that only take minutes, SunClean V3-25 will minimize the need to remove and blast the anilox rolls each month, saving time, money and production, while improving overall quality.

Key Product Features:

  • Quick and easy to use and apply
  • Economical
  • Deep cleaning
  • HAPS Free and Prop 65 Compliant

Using these cleaners can save tens of thousands of dollars annually. Contact S-OneLP at 941-256-7900 for more information and cleaning guidelines.

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