Prime Performance with Michelman JetPrime®

Prime Performance with Michelman JetPrime®

S-OneLP introduces our new line of water-based and UV inkjet primers. Converters now have more solutions to choose from for high-performance primers. If you haven’t yet discovered Michelman JetPrime®, here’s what you should know.  

Solutions for coated offset substrates are ideal for high-speed commercial printing with pigmented water-based inks. For UV inkjet, you can print on coated, uncoated, and direct thermal paper substrates.

Take a look at the benefits for water-based and UV inkjet.

Pigmented Water-based Inkjet

  • High-resolution for both high and low-volume print runs
  • Superior print quality and enhanced color gamut in comparison to unprimed sheets
  • Increased productivity at higher line speeds
  • Less corrosion with minimal impact on equipment
  • Competitive performance versus offset printing
  • Sustainability with water-based chemistry

UV Inkjet

  • Enhanced shelf appeal with increased resolution and image quality
  • Ease of printing and improved productivity on multiple paper types
  • Increased durability

S-OneLP makes it easy to find the best match for your technology. Need a water-based primer for pigmented-based aqueous inkjet? JetPrime® WB 1120 could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Benefits include pigment fixation, no change of substrate look and feel, and low coat weight.

Here’s another consideration for low coat weight, JetPrime® WB 1110 for coated offset substrates. Features of this water-based primer include maintaining sheet appearance for use after priming, including the gloss level. Also, expect enriched image quality through reduced bleed and mottle.

For UV technology, JetPrime® UV 120 is a good fit. This solution provides improved adhesion, reduced bleed and mottle, plus it boosts color vibrancy.

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