Replace Foil with Metalized Structures

We’ve got to break it to you: You may be purchasing cosmetic webs for jobs that simply don’t require it. If you are not creating packaging for cosmetics or hard to hold liquids, there’s a good chance you could be overpaying and overengineering. Shampoos, liquids, or other hard to hold items often require an additional layer of foil that’s not necessary for many other applications. Cosmetic webs are extrusion laminated and contain an extra layer of foil, often for its high barrier properties that may be required for shampoos, liquids, or other hard to hold items; but it’s not a blanket solution for every application. Metalized PET films, like those offered at S-OneLP in 3 mil and 4 mil gauges, contain high barrier properties that are suitable for most applications. In many cases, metalized foil is a cost-effective alternative that maintains the look of the packaging, while still keeping you in spec. If you’re unsure what film structure to choose, or you’re considering the switch, reach out to one of S-OneLP’s flex pack experts at 941-256-7900 (AMs) or +31 43 799 5005 (EMEA) or
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