S-One Labels and Packaging Partners with Charter NEX Films to Unveil ReTreve™ GreenArrow™ High Clarity PE Print Film

S-OneLP is excited to announce the availability of an innovative new thin gauge, clear, heat-resistant MDO-PE film made by Charter NEX Films. This film can be reverse printed and laminated to Charter NEX / Retreve™ PE sealant films to produce Store Drop-off recyclable packaging. ReTreve™ Green Arrow™ High Clarity PE Print Film is a .90-gauge ultra-clear PE film that allows reverse printed images to be protected and still look bright and crisp when viewed from the package surface. This new solution eliminates some of the previous issues with all-PE pouches and takes a huge step towards eliminating mixed material, unrecyclable flexible packaging.

When using thermal lamination, combine ReTreve™ GreenArrow™ High Clarity PE Print Film and ReTreve™ PR-2001NT Pack Ready PE Sealant Film – available in either clear or white – to create pouches that qualify as Store Drop-off Recyclable products. One of the outstanding elements of this product is its high heat resistance, which ensures your packaging does not distort during the printing, laminating, and most importantly the pouch making process. 

If surface print is desired without the laminating a print and sealant film together, S-One LP offers an all-in-one option through the 4 mil Charter NEX GreenArrow™ GASF Clear or White Pouch Webs for standard barrier pouches or 4.5 mil GreenArrow™ GASX Clear or White Pouch Webs for high barrier pouches. All four films are readily available from S-OneLP.  

ReTreve™ GreenArrow™ films meet How2Recycle Store Drop-off guidelines, giving you peace of mind knowing you can purchase all of your Store Drop-off recyclable packaging needs from a single source – S-One Labels & Packaging. 

We currently have sample rolls of ReTreve™ GreenArrow™ High Clarity PE Print Film available and are looking for customers who are interested in working with the product to see the results for themselves. Plus, we’d love to hear your feedback on this exciting new product.

If you are interested in a sample roll or have additional questions for our team, please contact us at or 941-256-7900.

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