S-One Labels & Packaging Launches Cannabis Resource Guide

SARASOTA, Florida – S-One Labels & Packaging has launched a Cannabis Resource Guide to help label and flexible packaging converters navigate the emerging legal cannabis marketplace. “In recent years, many of S-OneLP’s customers have diversified into the legal cannabis market in what was essentially an entirely new range of packaging applications that emerged overnight,” said Tom Hauenstein, S-OneLP Vice President of Sales. “As with any new endeavor, there came questions about the legal cannabis market as our customers struggled to find information on child resistance packaging requirements, changing regulations, and film barrier properties that keep cannabis products fresh. Customers often turned to the experts at S-OneLP for help navigating this new and dynamic landscape.” The Cannabis Resource Guide is a website designed for label and packaging manufacturers looking to provide sophisticated high-end packaging with superior shelf appeal that complies with state regulations, keeps the product fresh, and in many cases, is environmentally friendly. The Cannabis Resource Guide brings together industry knowledge, interviews with customers on the front line, and information about S-OneLP products. The highlight of the Cannabis Resource Guide is an interactive map detailing US packaging laws by state. A top concern from customers is ensuring that cannabis packaging is compliant with state laws. The colorful map allows visitors to quickly see which states have legalized recreational or medical cannabis laws, and the places where cannabis remains illegal. Once a visitor clicks on a particular state, they are directed to the state statute regulating cannabis labels and packaging. Label and packaging converters can also learn from those already invested in this market with an in-depth interview with Dura-Pack, an industry leader in the cannabis packaging space. Dura-Pack has been producing packages and cannabis automation systems to this market since 2015. The video interview discusses everything converters need to know before entering the cannabis packaging market – including child-resistant regulations, the printing process ideal for this market, automation technology, and more. The Cannabis Resource Guide also features an educational article exploring child-resistant packaging, how it’s achieved, and what this standard means for the wider cannabis packaging industry. As part of the Cannabis Resource Guide launch, S-OneLP is offering discounts on some of its top products favored by cannabis brands. Visit the Cannabis Resource Guide to get 20 percent off up to four rolls of material through Friday, April 23.
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