S-OneLP 3mil MET PET SW - 13" x 4,500' 3"ID - 4/pallet

A 48 gauge, silver metallized, printable polyester, laminated to a 2.5mil clear mLldpe sealant film, ideal for high barrier snack web, flow wrap and 3-side pouch applications.
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Ideal for snack web and flow wrap applications, Classic 3 mil Metallized Snack Web is designed to have good barrier properties and easy processing in FFS equipment. Made from durable and heat stable materials, this silver laminated film structure can be surface printed using either digital or analog technology and is compatible with most types of form-fill-seal equipment. Adding a thermal laminate to this structure could also make it strong enough for stand up pouch applications.
Products specifications
Regional AvailabilityAmericas
Product CategoryPreLams
Gauge3 mil
Finishing MethodsThermal Lam, Aqueous OPV or eBeam