S-OneLP honored with TLMI Sustainability Award

S-One Labels & Packaging is proud to announce that its ReEarth line of bio-based and compostable flexible packaging films has received a Calvin Frost Sustainability Leadership award from the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI). S-OneLP also received the Best Overall Submission award. S-OneLP was honored as a TLMI Champion of Change at the 16th annual sustainability awards at the association’s Annual Meeting in Naples, Florida. The ReEarth line of compostable and bio-based prelaminated flexible packaging films are made up of bio-based materials, and its components are either BPI certified or have passed ASTM D6400 testing for municipal composting. A fully formed stand-up pouch made from ReEarth 3.4 mil metalized film also received a passing grade from ASTM. S-OneLP submitted a pouch that was primed with Michelman DigiPrime® 050, printed on an HP Indigo press, finished with S-OneLP’s CatPak™ matte eBeam overprint varnish, and formed into a stand-up pouch. After 84 days in industrial conditions, the pouch successfully composted, meaning it disintegrated, biodegraded, passed chemical analysis and the resulting compost allowed plants to grow successfully. Tom Hauenstein, VP of Sales at S-OneLP, says: “ReEarth is setting the standard for compostable flexible packaging, and this award is a testament to the vision and hard work of the team at S-One Labels & Packaging. We hope that label and packaging converters will see the environmental benefits of a ReEarth packaging structure and produce flexible packaging that is composted instead of ending up in landfills.” The prestigious Calvin Frost Sustainability Award recognizes companies that have consistently demonstrated a commitment to progressive environmental practices across a range of areas, including solid waste reduction, recycling, landfill avoidance, and the implementation of an education program. There were three levels of award categories. S-OneLP won in the “journey” category, meaning S-OneLP has established sustainability goals and strategies and is committed to improving. Hauenstein says: “Like our award category "journey," sustainability in packaging is a journey. And we’re just getting started.” For more information on S-One Labels and Packaging and its sustainable initiatives, visit www.sonelp.com or contact S-OneLP at labelsandpackaging@sone.com or 941-256-7900 or +31 43 799 5005 (EMEA).
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