U.S. & Canada: Stock Up to Avoid Winter Shipping Delays & Freezing Damage

As the weather cools around the country, we wanted to offer some reminders and service updates about shipping guidelines as you look to stock up on supplies for the winter.

Many of the products you need for day-to-day production, such as water-based coatings, cleaners and defoamers, are susceptible to damage if they are exposed to temperatures below freezing. Following our Winter Shipping Guidelines & Policies helps ensure your products are protected from freezing (PFF). We encourage you to order enough coatings to get you through these winter months. If you choose not to stock up for winter, you may experience delivery delays due to weather that is out of our control. 

We recommend that you order early and allow 10-15 business days for delivery, instead of our standard 1-3 business days.

S-OneLP Winter Shipping Guidelines and Policies: 

All orders must be placed, shipped and received before the weekend. Standard LTL and UPS or FedEx ground orders will only ship on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for delivery by week’s end. 
Orders shipping ground during freezing temperatures must ship in insulated boxes ($45 per box). Expedited shipping or increasing your order so it can ship LTL-PFF (taking advantage of our extended terms for a second stocking order) are additional options.  
LTL-PFF services are available through most trucking companies, with an average $50 PFF upcharge. Be aware: Trucking companies will refuse to pick up any freezable shipments on days with very low temperatures.
IMPORTANT: Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Wednesdays this holiday season, only Expedited Shipping Options will be available from Dec. 23, 2019 – Jan. 3, 2020.

We appreciate your adherence to our freeze protection guidelines and policies. If you request that S-OneLP ship without any type of freeze protection, you then assume all responsibility for any damages to the product as a result of freezing. This includes filing the claim with the carrier, as well as payment to S-OneLP for the cost of the product. Payment of the product’s invoice cannot be delayed pending the resolution of the claim with the carrier.

We maintain inventory for you at multiple warehouses to decrease your transit times:

  • Sparks, NV
  • Carol Stream, IL
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Ft. Worth, TX (NEW!)

NEW SERVICES to make this a successful winter for you and your team:

  • Extended Terms to Add Safety Stock: S-OneLP is now offering extended terms on stocking orders. Call your Technical Sales Representative or a member of our Customer Service team for more details.
  • Planning Assistance: Our team will communicate with customers in specific regions most likely to have winter restrictions. We will share weather warnings, planning suggestions and scheduling information as needed.
  • New Warehouse, More Shipping Options:  Our new warehouse in Ft. Worth, Texas, combined with our Atlanta warehouse, allow us to ship from warm-weather locations to areas that are not affected by winter restrictions.
  • More Inventory: We’ve increased inventory levels to help you to build up your pre-winter stocking levels of primer.
  • Additional Support: We’ve added Customer Service and Technical Sales personnel to help you plan and expedite your requests.

Thank you for working with us, and please communicate any questions to our team at (941) 256-7900 or

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