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S-One Labels & Packaging is committed to helping the industry develop more energy-efficient materials and processes for labeling and packaging manufacturers to improve sustainability. Our team keeps up with the latest technology and industry demands and, working with our manufacturing partners, we bring innovative solutions to the market. 

The indiscriminate use of plastic in many applications has been known to contribute negatively to the environment, and many organizations have expressed legitimate concerns about the use of plastics in packaging and its negative effects on the environment. However, a case could be made that plastic is among the most energy-efficient packaging options and one of the lowest carbon footprint methods to save food waste and allow preservation of food beyond preparation.

Packaging materials like paper, glass, and some metals often require more fossil fuels or natural elements and more energy in production than plastic. This can result in a higher carbon footprint than plastic. Of the packaging methods and substrates listed above, plastic is the least polluting and power-consuming. In addition, plastic packaging films can increase the shelf-life of packaged food products and reduce the need for preservatives.

While plastic does serve a purpose, it’s important to improve and develop more efficient recycling programs, use recycled materials in new packaging, and develop new-to-the-world technologies to make biodegradable plastics a viable option in packaging. S-OneLP is working with our manufacturing partners to introduce new recyclable and compostable packaging – like ReTreave and ReEarth – to the industry.

We will continue to provide timely information to our manufacturers to communicate our customers’ needs, educate them on environmental requirements, and passionately work to inform our customers and consumers on how and where to responsibly dispose of different kinds of packaging.