Introducing: PrimeTime with S-OneLP Podcast

We're excited to announce that we've launched a podcast called PrimeTime with S-OneLP. With this podcast, we'll interview industry insiders to discuss what's happening in the world of label and flexible packaging printing and finishing. In our first episode, we sit down with Tom Hauenstein, global sales director for S-OneLP, to discuss how HP Indigo operators can create durable labels using the HP Pack Ready for Labels solution, which includes Michelman DigiGuard 901 UV OPV Strengthener mixed with S-OneLP KKLP Overprint Varnish. During our chat with Tom, we discuss:
  • Options for making labels more durable
  • How the HP Pack Ready for Labels process works
  • The products needed to create durable labels
  • How we conducted tests to determine the durability of the labels
  • How label printers can market their durable label capabilities
Listen to the PrimeTime with S-OneLP podcast now, and let us know what topics you're interested in learning about.
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