ReEarth Compostable Films Earn TUV Certifications

ReEarth Compostable Films Earn TUV Certifications

TUV Testing Reveals Compostability for both Home and Industry


S-One Labels & Packaging announces its ReEarth compostable flexible packaging films have received both TUV OK compost HOME and TUV OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification.



“We are committed to developing end-of-life solutions for our products to keep our landscapes and oceans cleaner, now and for generations to come,” stated Sharon Beeman, VP of Sales, S-OneLP. “TUV certification allows us to better align with our customers’ initiatives for sustainable flexible packaging.”


The ReEarth line of prelaminated flexible packaging films are designed using bio-based and compostable components. S-OneLP uses a collaborative approach to designing these films in conjunction with global innovative materials manufacturers of bio-based and compostable resins, films, adhesives, and coatings.


TUV OK compost HOME certification guarantees complete compostability even in a garden compost pile, which uses a lower temperature and slower-paced process than industrial composting. Products featuring the OK compost INDUSTRIAL label are guaranteed as compostable in an industrial composting facility. This applies to all components submitted in the pouch form including Michelman DigiPrime®, HP Indigo inks and a CatPak Matte eBeam overprint varnish.


TUV certified the following ReEarth films:

  • REE34MSUP- ReEarth 3.4 mil Metallized Compostable Pouch Web, unprinted roll stock
  • REE34MSUP – ReEarth 3.4 mil Metallized, Compostable Stand Up Pouch, printed, protected with overprint varnish (OPV), then sealed into a pouch
  • REE22MSW - ReEarth 2.2 mil Metallized Compostable Snack Web, unprinted roll stock

TUV industrial compostability testing, steps 1, 3, and 6 - ReEarth 3.4 mil Metallized, Compostable Stand Up Pouch


Step 1 Start industrial disinteg  step 3 industrial 42 gg  step 6 end industrial



The printed pouch made from REE34MSUP is also Lomi-approved for home composting.


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