Security Printing Made Easier With S-OneLP and VerifyMe

A partnership with S-OneLP and VerifyMe has made security printing easier. When S-OneLP launched its partnership with VerifyMe for security solutions, the market response was overwhelming. Label and flexible packaging converters loved the security solutions offered by VerifyMe. However, if a label or flexible packaging converter wasn’t already involved in the security printing market, they feared they couldn’t sell it without adding headcount or training salespeople to become security printing experts. This sent us back to the drawing board and we’ve designed an arrangement that seamlessly allows label and flexible packaging converters to enter this lucrative market. Here’s how it works: label and packaging converters simply ask their customers if they are interested in anti-counterfeiting, product diversion, track and trace, or any other security solutions. S-OneLP will then connect the customer with VerifyMe who will find the best security solution based on the customers’ needs. The label or flexpack converter will then print the job. It gets better. VerifyMe will pay the label converter, who sent them the lead, a commission of the security printing solutions they provided. This creates an entirely new revenue stream created simply by sending over a lead. A lead that the converter will keep and will continue sourcing for future jobs, while earning an extra commission from VerifyMe. Contact us for more at or 941-256-7900 for more details on security solutions by S-OneLP and VerifyMe.
About VerifyMe VerifyMe, Inc. is a global technology solutions company delivering brand protection offerings to mitigate counterfeiting, product diversion, and illicit trade. VerifyMe’s RainbowSecure ink is easily integrated into HP Indigo digital presses. RainbowSecure remains invisible to the naked eye until paired with a mobile authenticator, making it quick and easy for brand representatives or inspectors to conduct on-the-spot product inspection, with instantaneous verification. S-One Labels & Packaging, a division of S-One Holdings Corporation, provides essential products, unparalleled service, technical know-how, and integrated solutions to digital printers in the labels and flexible packaging digital printing. We are also committed to helping the industry develop sustainable materials and processes for labeling and packaging. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Sarasota, Fla., S-One provides innovative product research, development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution to digital imaging, design, and print professionals. Visit S-One Labels & Packaging at
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