Build revenue with BOPP Silky Matte Thermal Laminating film

Build revenue with BOPP Silky Matte Thermal Laminating film

Looking for a better solution of thermal laminating film in EMEA? Consider BOPP Silky Matte Thermal Laminating Film from S-OneLP. Experience a luxurious, velvety feel on your printed labels or packaging while protecting the surface with this durable laminate film. Your customers will be coming back for more as their brands capture attention and influence buyers.


Why is BOPP Silky Matte Thermal Laminating Film important to your revenue stream? Your customers know that once consumers feel that magic touch, they’re more interested in buying. Studies such as those conducted by the European Sensory Network reveal that buyers form their perceptions about products by hand-touch cues. This thermal laminating solution delivers on appeal with its soft tactile feel. Get a winning combination of Silky Matte and tough performance with a scratch-resistant finish, which increases product value.


Research also uncovers the importance of the sense of sight in buying decisions. You’ll be able to convert this thermal laminate into attention-grabbing flexible packaging and captivate your customers’ target audience. Plus, the silky-matte surface minimizes glare while simultaneously preserving image color.


But it’s not just about looks. It’s also about quality. Compared to ordinary BOPP thermal laminating film, the high peel strength of this solution reduces the risk of delamination. This is ideal for protecting images on labels and packaging targeted for the food and pet industry. This film is certified by the EU Commission Regulation and Directive under European Commission for indirect food contact.


Concerning safety, this solution is non-toxic, benzene-free, and does not produce gases or dangerous VOCs during lamination. Also, the laminating temperature is lower than other thermal films, bringing you energy savings.


Improve speed to market with instant cure times as there’s no need for drying or curing after laminating. Our European warehouse offers an added convenience that can help you save on transportation costs and further decrease lead times.


Now you can get your product faster while you save costs and boost revenue. S-OneLP’s additional value add is low MOQ’s and is competitively priced. Get ready for a steady flow of building revenue when you choose from S-OneLP.


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